14 ft custom THOW off grid ready

For sale : $32000 Ellensburg, Washington, United States

Custom little house prepared to move onto some land. Top notch apparatuses designed for least utilization/treating the soil/off network type living. This could be stopped off network and utilized as an airbnb essentially quickly! Turn key off framework living 🔑 🏡

Dimmable LED lights

4k shrewd television with bluetooth proficient soundbar

Ruler estimated purple™️ Mattress

450ah 12v battery bank

1000watt inverter/charger

60amp outback mppt sun oriented charge controller

Dickinson marine propane stove

3 burner propane cooktop with stove fits 9×12

32 inch one piece shower

Moment propane water radiator

26 gallon locally available water tank

3.1gpm 12v water siphon

Sturdy/waterproof vinyl board floors

Delightful custom live edge section and recovered material ledges/furniture/carpentry

Incorporates houseplant (Clarence)