16′ Custom Tiny House on Wheels “The Nuthatch” Arlington, Washington price $31,500

Custom, unique small house available to be purchased, manufactured locally in Silvana, Washington. The house is roughly 176 square feet and is based on a 2017 16′ Iron Eagle trailer particularly intended for little homes. The outside of the home highlights excellent cedar angle siding and trim, strong metal material, and a beguiling front entryway cedar shingle overhang. A great part of the outside trim, front entryway, inside trim, cabinetry, stockpiling stairs, and love seat (at present being introduced), were fabricated utilizing rescued wood gathered from wind-felled trees and processed straightforwardly from our 30 section of land property- – including cedar, fir, hemlock, and enormous leaf maple. Custom augmentations to the house are accessible upon demand, including discretionary fertilizing the soil can, racking, electric cooktop, convection stove, and seating, cost debatable.

In the event that really intrigued by the house, email me for a connection to a collection of more point by point photographs of the assemble procedure. Genuine request just please.

I can’t offer financing for the house right now.

About the manufacturer: I right now live in a 240 sq ft minor house on wheels, worked by my accomplice and I utilizing plans bought from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses a couple of years prior. In the wake of living in a modest house for a long time, I have a smart thought of what I think works best in a little house. Building our home was such a pleasant ordeal for me that I chose to assemble another, utilizing my very own portion thoughts!

Inside Details:

Custom maple bureau entryways and cedar drawers

Custom stockpiling stairs with bark-on-live-edge cedar steps

Custom corner sofa with capacity underneath (at present being introduced, pictures soon!)

Characteristic Cork Flooring

50A electrical administration

32″ fiberglass shower

70 CFM Exhaust fan

Natures Head Composting Toilet – fresh out of the box new, prepared to introduce (+ $1,000 over asking cost)

Red oak ledge

Spotless kitchen sink/fixture

4.3 cu. ft. Cooler/Freezer

¼” pine tongue and score pine framing with cedar end dividers

Clothes washer hookup and deplete

Development Details:

Shiny new 2017 16′ x 8’6″ Pad Tiny House Trailer (2 5,200lb axles/10k GVWR)

Uncovered clasp metal material

Cedar slope and board-on-board siding

6 vinyl casement windows (TEMPERED, low E glass with Argon)

2 vinyl canopy windows (same specs)

Treated glass Fakro mark departure sky facing window (introduced with Fakro mark blazing unit)

Custom, natural front entryway and patio overhang w/cedar shingles

¾” pine tongue and score hang flooring on 4×4 fir hang bars

16″ O.C. 2×6 Floor Joists w/Roxul R23 Insulation and vapor obstruction

¾” 5-Ply T&G fir compressed wood subfloor

Divider stud dispersing 24″ O.C.

13 HDU4 holdowns (connects divider confining to trailer)

⅜” 3-handle pressed wood divider sheathing w/Tyvek housewrap

½” 5-handle pressed wood rooftop sheathing