400 Square Foot Walden

This beguiling minimalistic home can be assembled without any problem. The minimalistic house is basic but then wonderful and the plans can be yours for only $225, from Hobbitat Spaces.
Whenever you buy an arrangement from Hobbitat, this is what you get: – Easy to peruse building diagrams, Detailed Wall Sections, Floor Plans, Elevations and Foundation Options.

Two outside entryways permit you direct admittance to the yard and porch outback. The sovereign estimated knock out can be utilized for dozing or additional room ground floor assuming that you rest in the space.
The shower is lovely with a sink knock out and an agreeable 3’x3′ shower. A 3/4 kitchen with an island spans the space close to the living region. High windows in the front give awesome light and ventilation. The warm and comfortable feel can be in every way yours.
This minimalistic home gives you all that you really want in a rural home or retreat and by purchasing the plans you can make it your own.