A Tiny Timber Frame

Honeycrisp Cottage a Tiny Timber Frame is a bright, energy-efficient home on 9 acres with a view of a beautiful forested mountain and hiking trails that follow a brook. A serene escape retreat outfitted with a lounge room, a ruler bed, a space with a sovereign bed, a full kitchen, and a full restroom. * Satisfy No Smoking On The Property

*For 2 visitors we consequently make the ground floor bed, assuming you would like the space bed made rather than or notwithstanding the first floor bed if it’s not too much trouble, let us know.

  • Firepit, you can get wood from our wood stockpiling up by the little yellow shed on our property. In the small house, we also provide lighters and fire starters. You are responsible for putting out the fire completely.

*We have a dog named Milo who is free to roam around. He might bark when you initially show up, yet he is a darling and very respectful. On the off chance that you don’t believe he should say howdy kindly let us know, we are glad to fend him off.

*Another cat that is very friendly and free to roam the property is ours.