Alaskan Pioneer Builds Rolling Log Cabin on a 1996 Ford F-350

In spite of what the web may have you accept, some overlanders would prefer to pass on expensive, prepared fabricated packs for something DIY-driven. This implies renouncing housetop tents and right now gathered bed racks for an increasingly bespoke undertaking—on account of Alaska man Tim Johnston, that implies a little scale log lodge in the rear of his 1996 Ford F-350. And keeping in mind that some in-your-face fans burn through $50,000 or more while altering their apparatuses, Johnston’s cost him only $26,000 with the truck included.

Living in the Last Frontier State, you nearly need a log home just to fit in among local people. The 38-year-old has accomplished this by consolidating a cookstove, two sofas, a TV, and even a can into his out and about manor. As brought up by The US Sun, Johnston went all out in making the perfect camper truck.

“I sold my Toyota since it was at the end of its usefulness and purchased an exemplary Ford truck for just shy of $13,000 on the grounds that I needed to at last make my fantasy truck house,” Johnston disclosed to the outlet. “It cost me another $13,000 to manufacture the house on the back so all together the bill has come to around $26,000.”

He kept on referencing that the task took roughly three months altogether to finish. His dad was initially a craftsman, so Johnston took in his carpentry abilities from him growing up and applied them to his extraordinary made camper.

Presently, he and the truck adventure out on days-long outings over Alaska’s sub zero territory. Fortunately, there’s a solid 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel in the engine that can take Johnston to and from campgrounds without issue…so long as it fires up in the first part of the day. We envision a square warmer was number one on the adjustment list given the pressure start irregularity’s moderate wrenching nature vulnerable.

“My truck house is great, it has all that I have to remain out for whatever length of time that I need,” Johnston included.

“I wasn’t in a surge with this undertaking, I thought in the event that I would do it once more, I needed to do it appropriately and make it precisely how I had envisioned it in my mind.”

One thing’s without a doubt: We was unable to have improved ourselves. Simply see that entryway patio!