Visit Houses Made Of Wood

Beautifully crafted wooden houses, usually hidden deep in the forest or by a lake. Under each picture you have a description and a link that takes you to the whole house to look at and if you like it, to visit it for the weekend. Perched on 20 acres along Catfish Creek, this enchanting tree … Read more

Do You Want Visit Most Beautiful A-frame?

In the following, we will present you some beautiful houses that you can find on Airbnb and visit. Enjoy it Welcome to @dreamtimeaframe. A fantastic two-bedroom, two-bathroom A-frame cabin designed and renovated by the owner, located in a semi-secluded location close to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. For a relaxing getaway in Western North Carolina, … Read more

Great Ideas For Your Home

Our vision and idea is to create as many creations as we can for your dream home. Every day we create new plans and blueprints of what your home could look like. Sometimes these are sketches that have yet to be built, some have already been created and it is our duty to present them … Read more

Beautiful Children’s Rooms

In addition to great wooden houses, frames, log cabin, tiny house, we made some creations for the rooms of your loved ones. In the following, we will present you several rooms, how you can use a small space and how a small room can be made into a great space for 2 children to have … Read more

New Ideas For Your Dream Home

Every day we make and design new ideas, so you can choose how your dream home looks like. You have wonderful ideas how to make your home average, you have ideas how you could arrange your weekend house somewhere far away in the mountains or by a lake. In addition, we will offer you several … Read more

7 Most Wanted Houses For Rent

In addition, we will present you 7 houses that are in high demand for rent and you can find them on AIRBNB. Under each picture you will have a link and you can view the whole house. This novel space is a semi-private, grown-ups ony, minimalistic house compound. You have a unique space to relax, … Read more

Best Ideas About Tiny House

On our site you can see beautiful ideas for your dream house. In the following, we will present you some ideas that you can build yourself and some ideas that are already there so you can rent them. Yellow is always a good choice. Look how very good it looks, how bright and open the … Read more

Check Out The 10 Best Tiny Houses

In this post, we will allow you to enjoy the 10 most requested, most viewed and most desired tiny houses. All in one place, take popcorn and enjoy. 10. Has been the main comment of more than 1000 individuals that have seen this small home at 2 late Home shows. 9. The undertaking that … Read more

Several Luxury Houses

Get ready for beautiful apartment photos. Enjoy it. In addition to presenting tiny house, log cabin, a-frame, park models, this time we will also present several luxury creations. Beautiful large houses or apartments that you can also visit or build similar for yourself. Large living rooms, large dining room with kitchen. Beautiful staircase and large … Read more

Perfect Ideas for new tiny homes

Every day we get a request to do a project on how to arrange your house. We have a million ways to spruce up your home. All you need is a desire for a home like this and of course money, haha. In the following, we will present you more creations of the living room, … Read more