Award Winning Tiny House! Bright & Beautiful!

Presently Only $65,000!

Horse Cave, Kentucky FOR SALE $65,000

This Tiny House has won the “Best Tiny House” Award at the Nashville, Tn Tiny House Festival in 2019!!

Here are the absolute best highlights of this small house:

  1. Tremendous roomy kitchen with huge amounts of counter space! This kitchen would be an extravagance to cook in!
  2. Two lofts (two rooms). The ace space (10’x 7’4″), a twin space (38″ x 7’4″)
  3. A sofa that accompanies the cost of the home that changes over into a bed! (So you will likewise have the option to rest on the first degree of the home on the off chance that you might want to) (side note: this love seat can be found in the photographs of the home)
  4. Excellent stairs that have profound authoritative drawers and little nearest at the base of them!
  5. The choice to have the option to rest ground floor or upstairs. (It will likewise easily rest 5 individuals all out!)
  6. Tempered steel apparatuses ( all fresh out of the plastic new!)
  7. A lot of light that comes into the home from the windows!
  8. A bookshelf in the subsequent space!
  9. Very comfortable and charming!

Increasingly about this home:

It’s been developed on an exceptionally constructed 24’x8′ trailer. It comes outfitted with a 100 amp meter box with an identical 100 amp move switch which enables you to go on or off the matrix. The kitchen has about 14′ of butcher square counters with an additional profound treated steel sink with a haul out fixture.

It has a pleasant 24″ L.P. gas consuming stove with four burners and a full convection broiler. The LG icebox is a loft measured with an upper cooler and ice producer. The kitchen is likewise plumbed for a reduced electric washer and dryer. The 3 piece restroom has a standard stretched latrine, smaller than usual divider mount sink, and a delightful treated steel shower. The home has many show-halting highlights with a recovered oak breakfast bar that seats 2, and a recovered endured pine pocket entryway, too. The equivalent endured pine blunder is a component divider for the headboard in the ace space.

The outside siding is a savvy agreeing with a 25-year guarantee on the prefinished covering. It has a copper-shaded metal rooftop with copper metal accents on the front height. It has been very much assembled and is prepared for conveyance.

Much obliged, J.R. Beckley

Beckley Tiny Homes