Canadian Tiny Home Golden, British Columbia FOR SALE $65,000

Canadian Tiny Home

Golden, British Columbia

FOR SALE$65,000

Tiny House


160 sq. ft.

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

1 loft


25 foot Tiny Home.

Custom constructed.

Planned in light of usefulness and style.

Incorporates a lift hang, bar counter with a window that completely opens.

2 bay windows, and bunches of windows making it brilliant with regular light.

Flushing can, yet treating the soil can without much of a stretch be swapped in.

Book rack serves as a step.

Electric lift hang bed.

Worked in view of off-framework, low voltage lighting, propane machines.

Outer and inside protection.

Incorporates heater and climate control system which makes for happy with living in all seasons.

Will be totally completed and prepared to live in for definite deal.

As of now situated in Golden, BC.