CERTIFIED: Made for cold winters

Lethbridge, Alberta FOR SALE $70,395

Tagish 2 little home: (more pictures just around the corner)

Nation Chic Design

Expertly Built CSA RV affirmed.

Incorporates Teacup Tiny Homes National Safety Mark

Weight: 11 250 lbs

22ft. Long. 8.5 ft. Wide

Totally worked for chilly climate atmospheres, we incorporate our exceptional Teacup Touches to ensure that your winter experience is as easy to use as could be expected under the circumstances.


• Tankless propane water heating appliance

• Propane Forced air in-floor heat

• HRV Unit with keen control

• Separette Compost Toilet

• Insulation: R24 in Walls, R35 in Ceiling

• Storage space off front

• King size ace space

• Twin auxiliary space, or capacity bunk

• LED pot lights

• Kohler plumbing installations

• Custom cabinetry complete with delicate close entryways and drawers

• Stabilizer jacks on each of the 4 corners

• Custom minor home trailer

• Energy Star window bundle

• Ceiling fan with speed control, light unit and remote

• High quality overlay floors