Container Tiny Home – Seedling 1 Bed 1 Bath

Ridgway, Colorado FOR SALE $57,000

Hi Tiny House World! This is a 320 square ft minor home worked from a repurposed sending compartment little home. This home has been worked to code with r-20+ protection all through (r-40 roof and floor, r-20 dividers) utilizing shut cell splash froth protection. The house is overbuilt and can withstand even outrageous climate conditions (holders are made to withstand amazingly substantial loads so snow burden and wind heap of this house is fantastic) The siding was made by rusting level sheet steel and the wood siding was painted with Behr Havana Coffee.

This house highlights custom metal work on the inside (metal shafts were shaded utilizing plum dark colored barrel finish and window/entryway trim are likewise custom metal work). The intonation divider in the parlor was made utilizing recovered horse shelter wood (a portion of the 100+ year old nail heads are as yet noticeable in the wood). Electrical and plumbing are all set and can be snared to the framework or even off matrix if that is what is wanted.

We have a couple of more activities like completing the rooftop, put all the more racking in, and including the broiler/stove, fridge, and washer/dryer. The entirety of the hookups are set up and we will include those machines after we discover a purchaser. We are intending to put the home on wheels however that also will be worked out with the purchaser. The holder home without a trailer is available to be purchased for $57,000. In the event that the house is put on wheels we will sell it for $67,000.