Contemporary Tiny House, Log Cabin – The OUTLANDER – Eco for sale $15000

size / dimensions: 24x10x14
The noncitizen little house is a recent vogue little house with a novel exterior style (design musical group and proprietary by GreenPod Intelligent Environments, Seattle, WA). The “V” vogue roof permits for rain structure, with a pre-installed outlet for straightforward hookup to a filteration system. This water, if filtered, will then be used for potable functions, and if not filtered, used on flowers, gardens, etc. this is often only 1 of the Outlanders “green” options. It conjointly features a composting bathroom(incinerating bathroom avail.), No VOC end interior, property bamboo flooring, and more!

Some other features:

24′ Long – 10′ Wide (most commonplace widths are 8-8.5′ – our wider dimension permits for a roomier interior, at a coffee value of solely needing “wide load” signs oncetowed)

Built on Iron Eagle PAD Series little wheeled vehicle – features: semiconductor diode lights, painted wheels, twin 7k lbs rated brake axles, fender flashing, corner cutstabilising jacks, and galvanized pan beneath to stay out wet, rodents, etc., whereas still with ventilation)

Exterior: T&G Pine Siding (sealed / stained for wet repelling) – Metal life Roof – Insulated, Low E Windows w/ Adobe Color end – Solid Alder Wood Door (french glass choose.) – Painted Wood Trims

Interior: Bamboo Flooring – T&G painted, stained, or painted pine wood walls (smooth, Sheetrock like end avail) – Clear Coat Pine Ceiling – Ceiling fan – Laminate tabletop(solid wood avail.) – unsullied Sinks (farmhouse vogue avail.) Custom hand-crafted Wood cupboards – 36″ Shower – slim self-importance with high sink – twelve,000 work unit mini Split AC / HEAT w/ Remote & WLAN –

Contact United States of America nowadays to induce your order in lineup! we have a tendency to presently have one sold-out integrate stock to look at (same as in pictures)

The noncitizen is that the proprietary style of GreenPod Intelligent Environments, Port Townsend, WA.

Starts at $15,000 for shells.