Country Style Log Home Is A Rustic Inspiration

This nation style log home is and case of very much planned and present day log lodge with an expertly created completion. It is comfortable log home with a characteristic look and natural motivation.

This custom model, called Oakbrook, made by Honest Abe Log Homes incorporates three rooms and two washrooms.

Open floor structure with church roofs, taking off dividers of windows, provincial chimney, nation style kitchens, enormous patios and a lot of wonderful wood make this log house a beguiling and fantastic home.

The stone chimney is the point of convergence of the parlor and a perfect spot to comfortable up to and simply unwind after those tiring work days.

The kitchen consolidates the natural style with contemporary accommodation. The wood cabinetry keeps with the subject of the house, while the apparatuses make the kitchen useful and present day.

The upstairs room is huge.

All photos copyright Honest Abe Log Homes.