Cozy Rustic Home on Skids – Mobile!

South Boston, Virginia FOR SALE $45,000

This is an excellent, live-in-prepared home, as of now being utilized as a showcase model for our organization. It is based on five 4×6 treated slides (like a capacity shed), making it conceivable to move the structure should the purchaser ever move or need to sell it. If you don’t mind see underneath for points of interest about the lodge:

General development: The absolute size is 14×40 (estimated from the roof), with an inset 13×4′ patio (making the liveable space 508 sq. ft). Four recessed lights enlighten the entryway patio, which is spread over at the front by an uncovered Western Red Cedar pillar. There are two windows watching out to the patio; one on either side of the front entryway. There are dormers flanking the yard, every one fitted with a custom triangular glass window. The lodge is offended with R-13 in the floor and dividers, and R-19 in the roof. It comes wired, with ground flaw, repositories, and 100 amp breaker box introduced. Floor joists and divider studs are 2×4’s put 16″ OC. Studs are twofold plated for included quality. Outside is done with OSB, house wrap, and Western Red Cedar siding. Inside dividers, floor, and roof are done with tongue-and-score pine.

Kitchen: The lodge includes a total kitchen and accompanies an impeccable sink, lower Hickory cupboards, cooler, stove, a gliding rack made of tongue-and-notch heart pine, and a raised bar developed of tongue-and-score heart pine recovered from an old military train unit. A little feasting region is settled between the kitchen bar and washroom and has a sliding glass entryway which opens out the rear of the lodge.

Restroom: incorporates vanity, latrine, and corner shower (glass entryways evacuated for pulling and arrangement). The pipes is finished by an authorized handyman and stubbed out under the floor. Purchaser is capable to have a handyman complete all under structure associations after modest home is conveyed.

Room: the room incorporates a garments storage room and little space that is about the size of a twin sleeping cushion. Underneath the space are hookups for washer, dryer, and water warmer. It is lit with recessed lights. In the primary dozing territory is an overhead fan w/light.

The cost of $45,000 is pre-charge and incorporates free conveyance and arrangement inside 50 miles of our processing plant in South Boston, VA. Past that, we charge $9/mile single direction. If it’s not too much trouble know this is a presentation model that is quite a long while old. It gives minor indications of wear from visitors visiting it throughout the years and the cost has been set to mirror this.

Note: furniture and stylistic theme in photographs for show purposes only.