Custom Crafted Log Cabin On Top Of The Mountain

This exceptionally created log lodge with rural polish lays on 2.65 sections of land disregarding the tremendous perspectives on the valley underneath. This extravagant log home has a great look pressed with present day accommodations. Worked with hardwood and a block establishment, the structure stands firm, disregarding the Sequatchi Valley, over a mountain in Pikeville, Tennessee.

Extensive rooms, taking off roofs and an open floor plan permit plentiful space for a major family or vast gatherings. Glimmering hardwood floors, a transparent stacked stone chimney and a hand-cut 28′ command hierarchy that extends from floor to roof are only a couple of highlights of this delightful log house.

This lavish log lodge is well made and stuffed with a great deal of potential. At this moment it is available to be purchased, at a soliciting cost from $399,000.

Within uncovers a natural style …

The one of a kind hand-cut 28′ chain of command extending from floor to roof symbolizes a unique association with the nature outside.

The all wood natural kitchen has present day machines.

The perspectives from the gallery are expansive and serene.