Dream House On The Sea

Our idea is to present you with different ideas every day on how to make your dream home look like. More and more people decide to build their own tiny house, log cabin or a-frame. In addition, we will show you some of our ideas.
Beautiful creation, Used green color for decoration with a view directly to the sea.

Similar two creations. Both have beautiful built-in lighting. On the second floor, a bedroom surrounded by aquariums. The fish and the sound of the water in the aquarium, quite often know how to relax and relax the people nearby.

You think what a pleasure it is to get up from sleep. To sit in this jacuzzi to drink coffee. Have a light snack in the afternoon after lunch. And after dinner here in the jacuzzi to drink some nice wine. Life is Beautiful.
If you are a fan of tiny houses, these two houses can certainly be your choice. You have the opportunity to spend your weekend here. The space under the bedroom used for the kitchen. On the other side of the picture, living room and toilet. The first floor is 30 square meters and another 10 bedrooms.
A manufactured home in an old style. Old wooden building. With a beautiful carpet on the floor. Sitting on a sofa, drinking coffee, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the sea.