Florida tiny house

Pinellas Park, Florida FOR SALE $32,000

Minor House For Sale

Approx. 150 s/f including lofts. Cedar siding and pine inside. Kitchen with sink, cooler, electric/liquor one burner stove. Custom window seating stockpiling. 7 ft. resting space. Capacity space above entryway. 18 s/f entryway patio. A/C electric outlets. Driven lighting. Roof fan/light combo. Regular latrine and full size 32″ x 32″ shower with powder covered steel dividers. Outside capacity storage room with Instant heated water storage that is propane controlled and crisp water tank 25 gallons. Dim overlay floors. Aroused steel rooftop. A lot of characteristic light.

Video: https://youtu.be/g79mlVFsia0

Call for data: (727) 482-1655 email