Jen’s Big White House

Jen is a mother of two residing the American dream in a 3,000 square foot home. After his separation with his better half, he chooses to move to a more modest house. She needs a minimalistic home that will make her life simpler and where her youngsters can move at whatever point they need.

With careful work, he claims this brilliant home for around $150,000. This minimalistic home on wheels looks greater and more showy than its partners. Everything is painstakingly chosen and fastidiously positioned. The variety match peers extraordinary inside and outside the home. Taking a gander at this superb minimalistic home shows that Jen is a great and figuring out individual.
Enormous and wonderful windows utilized in all rooms of the house made the climate brilliant and extensive. Sun powered chargers put on the rooftop are superbly intended to meet the power needs of the house. The restroom is essentially beautiful and intended to address all issues. The kitchen is normally snazzy and roomy. The wood and white tones utilized in the inside enhancement are incredible.