Log Cabin Home Fits Family Of 8

This pleasant log lodge is a two-story home offering more than 1,600 square feet of adaptable living space that fits a group of 8.

Log homes are completely adjustable and can be intended to suit the individual needs of any family. The custom model we are highlighting today has a superbly imaginative shock inside, which is a helpful utilization of the versatile floor plan and is perfect for the cutting edge American family.

We should take a gander at the inside picture together:

This beguiling log home with distinctly provincial character has a parlor with vast windows and an appealing stone chimney which turns into the focal point of a comfortable lodge during the evening.

It includes and welcoming room and an exquisite kitchen.

The space offers an additional room for missions or youngsters.

This featured log cabin was designed and built by Honest Abe Log Homes