Micro Tiny House on Wheels ELLENSBURG, Washington for sale $11,800

Unique! Make it your camper, studio, visitor house or dream home. Worked to last with quality materials!! Light, brilliant, 100% hand-created minor house prepared to tow and based on substantial steel outline PJ trailer. Produced using non-poisonous pine, cedar and maple. R21 protection. Made in 2016 and has been on one excursion (put away something else).

House offers 72 ft sq of studio style living and has sufficient capacity all around. Drawbridge yard offers extra 24 ft sq of relaxing space. Haul out your lounger! House is extremely steady and does not squirm like shabby RV’s. Each corner has rock solid scissor jacks blasted forever into the steel outline for simple and tweaked leveling.

Add up to weight is 3580 lbs. House has electric and wood warm, AC, fan and dehumidifier. Keeps running on 110V and presents to 3750 watts through two long electrical extensions with a lot of modules. Driven puck lighting with multicolor and darkening highlights. High temp water is provided with 5 gallon barrel and sous vide warmer. Water is pumped to shower head with on/off switch. Shower pump is battery-powered with USB plug. Shower and latrine slide out from under the bed. Can is a nectar basin with Doodie-sacks, however works.

Rooftop is produced using storm verification polycarbonate framing and gives a bay window that runs the full length of the house.

The two beds are 47″x74″. Super agreeable and produced using marine-review froth with 10 yr life expectancy.

Save tire is full measured.

Devona, Agent

ELLENSBURG, Washington