Modern tiny with brand new bathroom

Birmingham, AlabamaFOR SALE$34,900

Penelope is named for my most youthful child young lady since she is delightful and loaded with life and giggling like I need this minimalistic home to be. This is an exceptional specially crafted and constructed minimalistic home fabricated here in Birmingham Al! I went with a very current plan for simple and agreeable use. As I fabricated this whole spot start to finish I lived in it to ensure each part was really simple and practical.

The most awesome aspect of this minimalistic home is that it just weighs 9,000lbs with all of this inside and that implies you can undoubtedly pull it with most standard trucks. I utilize my 01′ Toyota Tundra.
You have all that you really want and need all in 120sqft and all on one level. This is in a real sense a full house that you can take anyplace you need. This house is prepared to move in and all furnishings and apparatuses accompany it.


  • Cooling gel sovereign size sleeping cushion bed
  • 50″ television on an extendable arm.
  • Blue beam DVD player


  • Dinning region or work area.
  • Colossal sink with drying racks
  • Microwave
  • Air fryer
  • Kuereg Coffee Maker
  • Full supper wear set for up to 4 individuals.
  • Huge refrigerator with cooler
  • Huge propane barbecue for barbecuing outside


  • Little mod love seat that really creases out to a tiny bed for up to a 6 year old youngster.
  • Dresser with 4 pull-out
  • Long rail over dresser for hanging garments


  • New Propane Grill
  • Compact removable draw up bar
  • Bicycle rack


  • Standard size latrine
  • Full sink and mirror with capacity under
  • New Shower