New Ideas For Your Dream Home

Every day we make and design new ideas, so you can choose how your dream home looks like. You have wonderful ideas how to make your home average, you have ideas how you could arrange your weekend house somewhere far away in the mountains or by a lake.

In addition, we will offer you several creations, I hope you will enjoy them.

The following creations are all in a similar fashion. A combination of blue, yellow and green is made. They all look great, space is similarly used. Living room, kitchen, bedroom with stairs to the second floor. Most often, the bathroom is on the side from which the picture was taken, the front door is also there, for all those who ask.

These 4 creations are made more for larger spaces, such as a log cabin or an a-frame, unlike the previous ideas that are smaller and are meant for tiny houses. You can choose your own color combination, our goal is to see a layout and how a home can be arranged.

In the next two pictures, you can see houses that already exist. Beautifully used space and beautiful stairs in this A-frame.