Off Grid 20′ Lofted THOW

Anderson, South Carolina FOR SALE $47,000

Totally Finished Fully Off Grid 20′ Lofted THOW. We love our THOW yet are anticipating having kids soon so need to evaluate a bit. The trailer is 25′ from tongue to guard with double 10,000 lb axels. Our THOW is completely off network fit implying that it has: sunlight based boards, charge controller, player bank (5 6V Deep Cycle Marine, 1 12V Deep Cycle Marine), 48 gallon crisp water stockpiling tank, 38 gallon dark water holding tank, compositing can, two 7 gallon propane tanks, propane heat, propane stove/broiler, double electric/propane cooler, and a WASHER/DRYER combo. The THOW can likewise be associated with shore power by means of 50 amp RV style electrical connect and consumable water channel. Window AC unit included.