Old Lowcountry Cottage

This ravishing 660 square foot minimalistic home is situated in Beaufort, South Carolina. This building was reestablished by picture taker Josh Gibson and his inside fashioner spouse Michelle Prentice.

They weren’t considering cutting back when the little extension behind the couple’s home came available. They chose to purchase the property on the grounds that Beaufort’s notable safeguarding regulations kept the noteworthy designs from being crushed. At the point when they previously purchased the house, they were simply going to fix the primary issues, however they began a drawn out total redesign.

The couple began working and in the process the historical backdrop of the house was uncovered. He uncovered that portion of the cabin was implicit 1880 as a functioning kitchen for a bigger home in the area. The last part of the house was added during the 1940s. Hence, they nicknamed this piece of the house “The Cook House”. The couple took care not to think twice about respectability of the house while reestablishing the Lowcountry bungalow.

The house is set in a lovely nursery and has a perfect front porch region. An agreeable climate is made by balancing swings on the veranda.
At the point when we enter the inside of the house, we see that the old surface is safeguarded. White tone was liked and it ended up perfect. An alternate environment was added to the house by utilizing layered deck rather than drywall. The kitchen cupboards and the feasting table are truly cool. The room with an alternate plan looks very comfortable.