Rustic Firefly Cabin Old Style Living Meets Modern Day

The Firefly Cabin discloses its timeworn quality and unpleasant appeal of extremely old workshop with its provincial mood returning you to a less complex time when most products were still created by hand.

It is a deception; in any case, as the lodge is really an ongoing form completely furnished with present day accommodations including a washer and dryer, a microwave, a dishwasher and a little TV, all escaped view.

Old framework sheets were utilized to complete within dividers and the floors, just as to make the racks. After delayed use on building destinations, these sheets were worn, sun-faded, battered and scratched, giving the lodge a moment provincial appearance.

Notice the antiquated steam pot on the kitchen stove.

The bedroom is cozy, with a faux fur pelt on the bed, and emanates the simplicity of old times.

This romantic cabin is nestled in a secluded area in the Cornish countryside … courtesy of Unique Home Stays