Rustic on the Outside, Modern on the Inside. Check out this 1920’s Creekside Cabin!

Enclosed from all sides by trees, this provincial retreat sits delightfully in the midst of the timberland.

Constructed directly by Mark West Creek, this lodge feels like it’s amidst a timberland despite the fact that its encompassed by Californian wine nation ( South is Sonoma Valley, Napa is east and the Russian stream is toward the west ).

It was worked as a retreat, thinking back to the 1920’s, and refreshed in present day times by engineer, Amy Alper. Encompassed by redwoods and firs, one can’t envision a superior escape than this.

Outwardly the lodge looks rural gratitude to the endured shingles, while within the open space format and the contemporary inside give it a cutting edge look.

Within likewise has a chimney to make it comfortable in the winter months, wonderful bars produced using recovered wood on the roofs and enormous windows to appreciate the woodland see.