Secluded Cabin On 10 Acres

AWD or 4WD, as well as winter or mountain snowflake tires, are required from October to May. ZERO ELIMINATIONS.

If you do, our remote mountain hideaway’s ten private acres will provide you with peace and quiet. In a magical forest with trees, views, wildlife, and a seasonal stream, our 1400-square-foot sanctuary is located. It’s a good place to relax and recharge. Ten miles from downtown Estes, yet at the same in a totally unique world.

Longs Peak Trailhead, 500 yards from the National Park’s boundary, is a 7-minute drive.

ROOMS My home has three bedrooms:

Room 1 – A huge ruler room on the fundamental floor of the house, nearest to our property’s namesake Greenery Stream. This is the best spot to rest your head if you want to drift off to sleep to the rolling waterfalls of the creek.

Room 2 – A standard bedding in this room faces two enormous picture windows with sees straight into the timberland. This is a good option for kids who will be excited to look for bears, elk, deer, bobcats, and, if they are lucky, mountain lions out in the woods.

Bedroom 3 is a super-cute queen bedroom on the second floor that is level with the forest canopy. You’ll nod off to the breeze wailing through the pine trees, and you’ll feel like you’re in a treehouse.

The deck, which is a hallmark of our house and offers a plethora of views, is used for entertaining and living. It’s raised up a full story over the walkout incomplete cellar, so you can see through the woods beneath and to the mountains above. We have a grill and seating outside. Loosening up over here will cause you to feel like you’re in an untamed life safe-haven — the public park limit is around 1500 feet away, so while the property in fact isn’t important for the recreation area, it seems like it is.

In the living room, a stunning moss-rock fireplace in the middle of the house is partially surrounded by a sectional couch. We enjoy lighting a raging fire and watching the walls dance up in the warm glow during winter snowstorms. You are welcome to relax and watch a movie on the flat-screen television or browse our extensive collection of books, games, and puzzles. We have sleds and snowshoes for five people, a DVD player with DVDs, and a CD player with CDs.

Lounge area – The image windows encompassing the feasting table bear the cost of a similar stunning perspectives as in the remainder of the house. As the sky comes to life, we have spent countless mornings sipping coffee.

WiFi: I moved the location of the home’s WiFi so that there would be no dead zones on the property and a centralized access point. You’ll have a strong connection for streaming, work, and entertainment.

Streamside Picnic Area: On the streambanks of our property, we have set up a picnic table. Especially in the early summer, when the snow starts to melt, the sounds are incredibly tranquil in this shaded area among the pine trees.

LAUNDRY & COOKING Kitchen: Our mountain-chic kitchen has everything you need to make a mouthwatering meal. It includes a reach, a standard cooler/cooler, a microwave, dishwasher, bunches of little machines, cutlery, dishes, utensils, bowls/pots/skillet and for all intents and purposes anything more you might need or need. Additionally, we have a latte maker and blender for you!

Laundry: You are free to use the washer and dryer in the laundry room. Kindly do! Although I try to keep the detergent on hand, I cannot guarantee it, so you might want to bring some of your own.