Starlighter by Show

Thermal solar and hydronics expert, Bob “Hotrod” Rohr, built this colorful tiny house named Starlighter. Radiantly warm walls and floors, a solar array system, and 3-1/2″ rigid and spray foam insulation make this a practical, energy-efficient tiny house.

The 160-square-foot house includes a Murphy bed and a bamboo board that converts to bed with storage underneath. Cork flooring tiles are used throughout the most a part of the house and composite flooring is employed within the bathroom. the toilet also features a 32″ fiberglass shower bath and a lavatory , but it’s prewired for a composting toilet also .

The kitchen is outfitted with a 9.9 cu ft refrigerator, a two-burner infrared stovetop, and an outsized kitchen appliance there’s also a 12 gallon predicament tank within the house.

An 8’x4′ pressure treated deck mounts on the front of the trailer during travel.

The asking price for the Starlighter is $35,000. you’ll view more information on Bob’s website.