Stunning, Sustainable Shipping Container Home

Alsea, Oregon FOR SALE $65,000

Hello Modern Dweller!

Have you been making occasion wishes, and sending them out into the Universe (or to Santa;)) for what you truly need so you can commence 2020 like the astonishing human you are?

All things considered, we could possibly of heard you, since we have a finished 24-foot,192-square-feet Modern Dwelling, on a triple hub trailer all set for you!

You can look at our Instagram for some photographs and we have more for you here. @ehaglunddesign

This residence includes a Murphy bed, housetop deck and staircase, recovered Columbia Riverwood all through (hardwood floors, ledges, entryways and butcher square racking), a full restroom with an inwall latrine framework, tiled downpour shower, solid sink, and a kitchen with two-top stove and a lot of counter space as well.

It additionally includes french sliding entryways (gorg!), LED lights and a smaller than usual split for all your warming and cooling needs.

You’ll be washed in characteristic light with the ideal measure of protection, and in particular this home is saturated with great vitality for you and your visitors.

It’s ideal as a visitor quarters, rental (without a doubt a cash creator!) or office space.

We additionally have an exceptional occasion cost for you. This completely stacked dwelling is just $65k from now through the year’s end.

In case you’re not kidding and couldn’t want anything more than to have this on your territory by one week from now, answer here.

We can hardly wait to make your vacation blessings from heaven!