The “Luxe Log Home” That Breaks the Mold

“Luxury Log Homes,” another plan line by measured log home producer Blue Ridge Log Cabins, flaunts an unmistakably current West Coast vibe.
From plan to stylistic theme, with most log homes you realize what you will get before you stroll through the front entryway. In any case, at times, there’s an astonishment coming up. Luxury Log Homes, another series of particular open-idea withdraws from Blue Ridge Log Cabins, offers a contemporary choice that breaks the “tusk crystal fixture” form.

Because of statistical surveying and in-spired by a particularly West Coast vibe, with clean lines and a liberal engaging space, boss fashioner Sarah Davis has concocted a home that offers many log home darlings what they have been looking for some time: something other than what’s expected. The commonplace pitched rooftop has been leveled, floor-to-roof windows proliferate and the moderate plan supplements the regular world outside as opposed to attempting to emulate it. The lodges are outfitted with cutting edge conveniences, like freely controlled indoor regulators in each room (the HVAC is incorporated into the roof) and Bluetooth-associated lights that twofold as speakers. As a result of Blue Ridge’s adjustable measured way to deal with log home development, Sarah portrays the Luxe line as “Legos for grown-ups.” Luxe Log Homes can be built as effectively in Bermuda as they would be in Boston.

Delivered in a similar plant controlled climate as their customary log homes and mountain design series, Blue Ridge Log Cabins shows the expansiveness of their image with this cutting edge rethinking of the provincial safe-house we’ve partaken in all of the time. Visit Luxe Log Home’s site for more data: luxelog