The Pequod Tiny House is For Sale!

Price: $70000

The Pequod modest house was worked by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses out of Durango, Colorado in May of 2015. This modest house was based on a custom 26’x8′ drop axel trailer. It is 13’6” tall and 8’6” wide (so no exceptional allow required for the street), and weighs 11,500lbs completely constructed. She’s about 200sq feet on the primary floor, and about 325sq feet when you incorporate the 2 lofts. She was structured and worked for a group of 4 to live in full time. We lived in the house full time for a year, and traversed the nation with her from Indiana, to Florida, crosswise over to Arizona, and back up to Colorado. We pulled her effortlessly with our Ford F-350. She has been leased and kept up by WeeCasa Tiny House Resort for the most recent 18 months. We lament moving, however we are currently living and working in the Denver territory, which does not permit minor homes. The Pequod is exceptionally one of a kind with numerous uncommon highlights, including:

• It is worked with SIPS (fundamentally protected boards) for the dividers of the house. The custom breathtaking rooftop was stick worked with splash froth protection. It has astounding protection!

• All lighting is LED.

• Propane powers the tankless water radiator and kitchen stove; electric powers the refrigerator.

• There are hookups for an electric washer/dryer combo.

• There is LOTS of capacity/storeroom space and shrouded compartments all through.

• We set up like a RV, and wired for a 30amp association, yet can without much of a stretch keep running on 15amp with connector (utilizing electrical string out of an ordinary divider outlet).

• We snared our drinking hose to a customary garden hose nozzle for water.

• There is presently a flush can, and it doesn’t have any dark/dark water stockpiling tanks or new water stockpiling tanks, so it would should be straightforwardly associated, or changed over back to a fertilizing the soil can and dim water framework.

• The wood consuming stove is adequate in keeping the entire house warm, but on the other hand there’s a quartz radiator that functions admirably for a considerable length of time you would prefer not to keep the fire consuming.

• The deck overlays up/down for movement in the front and side of the house, with a window that opens from the kitchen to a bar region.

• Custom front entryways that open out to the deck to take into consideration progressively inside space.

• There is a custom staircase to the 2 full size lofts, isolated by a transparent catwalk.

• There is a hand crafted convertible kitchen table to situate 4 serenely.

• Antique opening windows, cultivate window in the restroom, and departure windows in the lofts.