The Sonoma

The Sonoma was intended to permit the quintessence of nature that encompasses it, With heaps of open space and Windows for normal light.

This home incorporates however isn’t restricted to:

  • Standard size kitchen with tiled backsplash – loads of capacity
  • 3 burner Gas range broiler and hood
  • Profound metal sink
  • Exemplary fridge with base cooler
  • Standard size lounge chair that folds out to sovereign size bed
  • Seating alcove with folding leaf table
  • Capacity ventures with inward storage room space
  • Full storage space
  • LG washer/dryer combo
  • Full washroom with heaps of capacity
  • Tiled shower and sink backsplash
  • Fertilizer latrine
  • Resting space with understanding lights
  • 2 lookout windows (space opening)
  • Encompass sound Bluetooth Stereo framework
  • On request heated water tank
  • Climate control system/warmer combo
  • Reasonably cultivated fleece protection for dividers and roof

We are a little organization out of Bend OR utilizing feasible and reused materials whenever the situation allows. With many years of building experience we couldn’t imagine anything better than to Create your ideal minimalistic living space.

  • this is a model home and not accessible for sure fire buy. If it’s not too much trouble, ask for lead times.*