Tiny Home of Zen!!!

Price $99999

Our delightful Tiny was worked by the great individuals at Tiny Heirloom, in Portland, Oregon. It was highlighted on the TV demonstrate “Little Luxury” as the Tiny Home of Zen.

With a full-length ruler bed, hickory flooring, and a special Pink Himalayan ocean salt divider this Tiny is a masterpiece, a little gems box of a home.

Small is worked to be altogether off-network, with a ground-breaking sun powered vitality set-up, a fertilizing the soil can, and dim water hookup.

We’ve added a winding staircase to the housetop deck, made, similar to the front deck, of Brazilian ipe (a reasonable hardwood) and link railings. The two decks are incorporated into the cost, however the smock encompassing the front stairs isn’t.

This Tiny is a haven, a place for harmony and fellowship. It’s really a jewel!