Tiny House / Cabin on Wheels with many Poplar

Atlanta, Georgia FOR SALE $15,999

  • I planned and constructed this minor house/camper in 2015.
  • It’s all set anyplace and takes incredible behind my medium sized Chevy Colorado.
  • A fair sized get, medium sized SUV and potentially a minivan ought to have the option to pull it.
  • Although I haven’t gauged it, it ought to be under 3000 lbs.
  • It is around 116 sq ft inside (15.5 x 7.5 inside measurements)
  • The crease down back patio includes around 42 sq ft.
  • The inside dividers and roof sheets are all cedar, poplar and pine regular edge pieces up to 24″ wide.
  • The outside siding is sawmill cut pine.

Buy in to Tiny House Listings on YouTube for bunches of up and coming small house video visits here.

  • All basic sheets are standard oven dried dimensional wood.
  • 100% of basic associations are screws not nails. (It’s worked to last)
  • Windows are all Window World vinyl twofold tormented.
  • The dividers and roof are completely protected.
  • I’ve left the floor plan open so it very well may be masterminded by the utilization.
  • I use bunks and gravity loungers currently however will supplant the beds with a futon.
  • It is set up with outlets and inside and outside lights (and for speakers).
  • It has a small scale ice chest, glass vessel sink and water association.
  • It has a solitary burner gas stove and a toaster broiler.
  • It accompanies a window AC unit and a RV can.
  • We have utilized it solely for outdoors on Lake Lanier.
  • I lived in it full-time for around 2 months and adored it. I would at present be living in it yet we purchased another house and have an infant in transit.
  • Having pulled it more that multiple times in substantial rush hour gridlock, I feel sure taking it anyplace.
  • It is situated in Atlanta, GA zone (Duluth).
  • I will convey it inside 100 mi range of 30096 for nothing (at the maximum obviously), $1.00/mi past that.
  • If you didn’t have any acquaintance with, you can stop this on probably the most grand parts on Lake Lanier for as meager as $18/day including water, force and offices.
  • OR Just park it in your yard to use as your Man Cave.
  • I will consider modifying it for the new proprietor.
  • My significant other and I and everybody that sees it cherishes it. I’m just selling it since we have an infant in transit and just purchased another house.
  • Asking $15,999 OBO.
  • Don’t be hesitant to make an offer in the event that you are prepared to purchase and have the assets prepared.
  • Call or content (6 seven 8) four 72-87 nine 2.

A debt of gratitude is in order for looking!