TV Personality Danny Seo’s Stunning Hillside Hideaway Is Just 1,100 Square Feet

A separated lodge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is the ideal escape for green living master and TV character Danny Seo. Perceive how he makes downsized living work.

Utilize Every Inch

“In an upstairs passage anteroom, I included a little armed force bed from eBay to make a decent perusing niche,” Danny said. “Also, screening in the yard multiplied my living space.”

Round the Bend

In the little lounge room, Danny augments space and keeps away from sharp edges with a rattan stool and roundabout side table.


Get the look: Rattan hassock ($644,; Circular side table ($81,

Exile Boundaries


Danny took enlivening motivation from the outside, which makes for a consistent inside out progress and strengthens a feeling of spaciousness. The seats, for instance, are made of crude wood (completed with a wood preserver).

Huge Idea!


Utilizing rich, soaked hues (here, Celestial Blue by Valspar) can influence a little space to feel purposefully gems box-like. Dull wood strengthens the comfortable vibe, while flies of white dinnerware (generally $1 scrounge store discovers) include measurement.

Lay on the Charm


In a past (bigger) home, Danny gathered carpets. Here, he layered a few in each space for additional protection amid Bucks County winters, which normal 35 creeps of snowfall every year.


Get the look: Vintage floor covering ($550,; White sheet material ($50,


A greater amount of Danny Seo’s Tips for Small Spaces


Utilize LED Bulbs “Little rooms can warm up extremely quick, and significantly more so with visitors around. Luckily, LED lights don’t include warm like conventional knobs do.”


  • Size Up the Sink “It sounds unreasonable in a little kitchen, however it can serve twofold obligation as a refrigerator for drinks while engaging. It’s useful and creates an impression.”


  • Layer Soft Textiles “Skip bothersome fleece with the goal that each conceivable parlor space (anyway few there are) is welcoming. I like including reused polyester tosses (which feel like downy) over a couch.”


  • Go Luxe with Little Things “Whether it’s a flame that sets an intriguing tone or additional cushy white towels, these contacts have additional huge effect in a little space.”