Youngstown Tiny House

Oxford, Alabama FOR SALE $54,900

This model is named the Youngstown after the vintage about multi year old Youngstown by Mullins sink bureau. This home highlights a fundamental floor sovereign measured ace bed stage for those that don’t have any desire to ascend a stepping stool or stairs.

There is likewise an extra upper jumbo space. There is plentiful capacity under the bed stage (open from inside and outside), under the couch, in the capacity space over the washroom and in the extra closet over the trailer tongue. The specially manufactured cupboards encompass the 20 inch spotless four burner stove/extend, the microwave and the 10 cubic foot fridge. The shut cell froth protection, secured by the specially designed shiplap sheathing, combined with the small scale split warmth siphon, tankless water radiator, and drove lighting assist this with homing be amazingly vitality proficient. The washroom contains a standard flush latrine (Natures Head Composting can accessible) and a 32″ x 32″ shower with Galvalume metal dividers.

This house is worked by a multi year veteran Homebuilder and is NOAH affirmed (National Organization of Alternative Housing) , so you can have confidence of its quality since it’s been outsider reviewed various occasions at all phases of development from trailer to finishing. Estimated at $54,900 this house is prepared to turn into your new home.